About Kevin

Me in Japan, 2019

Hi, I’m Kevin Low (or Kev Low). I’m a freelance career & mindset coach, writer and strategy consultant, specialised in infrastructure and the energy transition. I shared about my current consulting work at an interview with Advisory.sg in mid-2021.

On my blog, I write actively about infrastructure, economy, sustainability, technology and business. I am deeply concerned about the future of work, and empowerment of youths. I am also actively involved in mentoring fresh graduates and university students.

All materials on this website are personal and do not reflect the views of any organisations I am affiliated with.

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Previous Experiences & Work

Prior to my strategy consulting career, I was in the public service. As part of the founding team at Infrastructure Asia, I helped to set up this office within the Singapore government as the convening point for the Infrastructure ecosystem in Singapore. During my 3-year stint there, I covered the Vietnam & Bangladesh markets in the office working on projects spanning across various infrastructure sub-sectors. I also had the opportunity to help set up and grow the social media presence of the office during its first year of activity.

Before that, I was a Manager with the Environment & Infrastructure Solutions Group at International Enterprise Singapore (now ‘Enterprise Singapore‘). I have been leading Singapore companies into international markets tapping on strategic cross-border partnerships, and building up the corporates’ key capabilities. My focus was in energy and utilities companies, supporting them to target appropriate growth markets in the region. An incredible privilege I do not take for granted, my work has brought me to markets like China, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Prior to the corporate life, I did a fair bit of teaching, writing and academic work. Find out more on the research page.

Family & Life

Dada, 2020

Beyond time spent in infrastructure, writing, education, and career coaching, I am happily married to a secondary school teacher. In 2020, we adopted a very old rescued stray, Dada; he soon passed on in early 2021. Though he didn’t have that much time with us, it was full of life and he taught us many lessons that we would not forget. I am personally grateful for the times I had him alongside me.

I spent years dabbling in arts and considered briefly to pursue a career as an artist during my teenage days but eventually went on a more intellectual route.