I was a freelance writer for Insights Magazine (now out-of-print), an economics student magazine targeting A Levels student (2009-2011). Since entering corporate life I stopped being active on my freelance writing work. Nevertheless, I continue to be open to new writing assignments particularly on making topical economics issues accessible to pre-university students. Reach out to me to discuss potential work, and get a copy of my writing portfolio.

Coaching Practice

As part of my coaching practice, I’ve also the following publications:

  • Dream, think & act: a free ebook covering the basic concepts of my career coaching practice
  • Telling your career story: an email course spanning 9-days walking you through various exercises and mini-coaching sessions to help you apply the concepts in ‘Dream, think & act’

University Academic Resources

During Graduate school, I enjoy writing and curating materials for classes resulting in:

Pre-university Academic Resources

Previously, I’ve written some other materials suited for pre-university level students for General Paper, Geography and Economics at A-Levels. Note that the actual model essays can be a bit dated but the principles for writing them remains timeless. Students taking A-Levels certainly can benefit from going through these materials.

  • Economics Essay Guide: Coupled with a full essay guide with strategies to approach economics essay writing for A-Levels; this collection of model essays and guide will help students consolidate and demonstrate their knowledge and skills in economics at A-Level exams.
  • General Paper Essays: Containing a collection of five GP essays and a structure guide. The model essays apply timeless principles behind answering questions for General Paper.
  • Geography Essays: Containing half a dozen model essays for A-Levels Geography.

I’ve also published 2 editions of project work guidebooks to help students navigate A Levels Project Work.