Teaching Career

I’m actually an educator at heart. And I teach in many ways beyond the classroom. My coaching work is in some ways an extension of the experience in teaching, going through various education systems spanning across Singapore, UK and US. Even in my job at Enea Consulting, I have the privilege of being able to bring insights at the nexus of energy transition, climate, and business strategy to my clients.

I went through BSc Economics at London School of Economics (LSE) and MA Economics at New York University (NYU). As a freelance writer, I authored materials for Economics education at JC level (2008-2013), supported JC students in their preparation for A Levels in Singapore (2008-2010) and teaching undergraduate Micro- & Macroeconomics as a teaching assistant at NYU (2014-2015).

I also founded and ran ERPZ.net (2008-2015), an education portal that provided valuable resources for A Levels & SAT preparation. That was also a period where I taught pre-university students for Mathematics and Economics. The materials have been refashioned and now available in eBooks format for purchase.

New York University MA Programme

I had the fortune during my masters in NYU to work with 2 great buddies who shared the same passion in Economics and Econometrics as me. We worked on a couple of research pieces together.

From left: John, Me & Chris

London School of Economics BSc Programme