A new space

Something to be revealed perhaps a little later but I’ve just made a massive move to a new environment and new space in my life. I’ve uprooted myself and shifted to another country, one that is not unfamiliar but definitely new for me to experience work and life differently.

One of the reasons is to disrupt the patterns that had been laid down over the years, but more significantly during the pandemic. I had become somewhat imbalanced in terms of my life and focus. This is an attempt to restore the focus. Not by making things easier for me but actually by making it harder. Sometimes, I think reducing our ability to take on more allows us to be more focused on what it is we really need and want to hold on to.

The new space for my life hopefully also grants fresh ideas and inspiration especially to set me back on the path growth in multiple dimension rather than just striving in a single dimension in life.

Means of life

James Clear, author of Atomic Habits made an astute observation that led to his exploration of habits and eventually the best-seller. He observed that people often had the same goals but they do not end up with the same results. This meant that goal-setting, while being an important first step, wasn’t what achievement is about.

Our culture sometimes seem to think that setting up goals is enough, that it would naturally push everyone or everything to place. That cannot be farther from reality; and having that sense of purpose for life isn’t exactly sufficient. We need to discover the means by which we fulfill our purposes and reach the goals.

What do you think are your means of life? Is it about money, resources? Financial wealth? Or relationships, connections, networks? What fuels you towards your life goals?