Crocodile’s Eyes

For those who are observant enough, you would realise at once that I have changed the Propagator’s Croc a little, adding ‘eyes’ to make it look a little friendlier. I started off with this idea of making an proper avatar for myself in different places. Unfortunately, I have my identity hidden for certain places and not for certain websites. So I decided that the avatar will solely be for my participation in more crappy, techie websites. Here it is, the 50px by 50px version of it:

The first look of it give me an impression that it is a sign warning children to have parent guidance when viewing anything that is posted by me. Originally, I was using the old unfriendly croc’s eye and it looked really evil. Hence, I decided to amend a little to appeal to children. Unfortunately, I couldn’t change the letters ‘P’ and ‘G’. They were in caps at first but I quickly change them to small letters. I guess you guys should know why.

The ‘croc’ looks as though it portrays the parents eyes looking at everyone – especially for the children; with the purpose to instil fear in them and deter them from doing wrong things. To a large extent, the avatar seem to work well with such a feature to scare children. The things I write is not immoral, not as evil and extreme as what Mib normally writes about, but they are usually not suitable for children since it has a high tendency of distorting their perception about the world – I don’t want to make them unhappy.

The background is not black. It is a dark shade of brown that is blend with a light gray. It does look simple here but it is supposed to achieve the effect of a warm feeling despite the color being a dark one. It blends in better with the green of the crocodile and the orange text, making it the perfect background for the avatar. The orange text, of course, is to mix with the green to achieve the similar effect that my website’s design is built upon.

That’s the problem when you have a strange logo coupled with a dubious name; you produce an avatar that makes no sense or connection to your original idea. I guess you guys would soon see this avatar appearing on certain forums or communities, that’s me – unless one of you decides to pass off as me and kope this avatar. Sometimes, you may see this avatar appearing but the name isn’t ‘Vib’. It probably isn’t me, though I didn’t really fully adopt the screen name, ‘Vib’ yet. I have so many other accounts that uses purely my own name. I guess it will take another year or 2 before I use it for everything I register.


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