Propagator Buttons!

Owning to the time from Sabbatical Week, I have been fiddling a little with photoshop to see how my logo can be modified or fitted into different uses. I came up with this dumb button that is a 88 X 39 pixel banner. Of course, it is the same dumb croc with the text and coloring. It is apparent that this is a 5 minutes no-brain work.


If you like, you can download or link direct and put it somewhere obvious on your site and link it to “”. I am changing the main page soon so please link direct to the main page so that people can view other parts of my site (if there are any). Now that I am a tiny bit freer, I am thinking of doing a set of Propaganda series posters for, and setting up a main blog where Mib and I can both post stuff and updates. That will definitely satisfy both of us. I think I am always coming up with new ideas and doing nothing about them, and this situation is getting bad especially when work is piling at school. I can’t promise anything, but I will surely work things out by the end of this year.

Mib too, will be free during the end of year holidays and will get so bored from gaming that he starts working on some part of the site especially the gallery, which now has evolved to become his own. I guess our interest on images and photos simply vary too much. Of course, there are propaganda posters which I admire and also images of scenery which I like but the idea of a gallery doesn’t seem to work out as I previously imagined.


3 responses to “Propagator Buttons!”

  1. Love that cute little button… putting it up in my links section =D

  2. dun diss my gallery… improve on it!

  3. Okay, I am starting to feel that this croc looks dumb. I probably re-design it when I have time at the end of the year.

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