Finally, my interest in argumentative essays and writings have cost me my abilities to spin tales and stories using profound words that I have learnt. Today is the perfect demonstration of my story-writing skills, which is still stuck at around Primary Six level. We are supposed to do a personal recount for our Sabbatical today and I choose this rather dumb story about misplacing my passport and realising it only on the morning I was leaving for some overseas studying course for a year.

The question itself is dumb, and according to the teacher, there is no need for sophistication. Anyway, there’s no room for that. And most importantly, I was supposed to stretch a few seconds into about 100 or so words. The fact: I didn’t manage, and will probably only score well enough to pass this exercise. I must say, I wrote with my best abilities for the question and it wasn’t the storyline which bothers me; it is the language. I am not able to use the suitable ‘chim’ words for the essay mainly because of the 1 and a half year immersion in arguementative essay or exposition. So this exercise is total crap to me.

I seem more proficient in English than Chinese when it comes to blogging. Even so in life, yet I think English is still a stranger to me. I cannot udnerstand some of their cultures, or the way the language is designed to be. Chinese Language appears more logical to me, but it is probably harder; which in turn, may be a result of the environment and lousy system.

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