Stories on Medium

So I tried writing on Medium, mostly rewriting some of my older ideas and then putting them up on Medium. Turns out, I’ve been more consistent and passionate about writing on my own blog and publishing on a platform that feels like it is owned by me rather than someone else’s platform. It is probably for the same reason that I have been hesitant to put out too much content on Linkedin or even Instagram.

There’s just something that feels not right about content sitting on some platform out there with an implicit promise that your content will be available for you to access but in reality, some point when someone decides to flick the switch, it’ll be gone.

And because it might all be gone, I’m republishing the materials I put out on Medium on this blog so as to preserve them. Of course, they are re-writes of works already put here before so don’t be surprised. In any case, the next few blog posts will be from those republishing.