Workless Future

Is work about needs, or wants? When there are needs to be met through employment income, and yet there seems to be no job vacancies or employment available, what exactly is happening? Can the system actually cover the needs of these unemployed whilst they reskill, upskill and eventually find a place for their labour?

Or what about the future where leisure reigns over work and because production is mostly a result of capital being put to work without labour, the society can afford to just adopt a universal basic income system to sustain everyone and free them to discover what kind of work or contribution they can make to the world that would be worthwhile?

Our market economy has transformed the lives of mankind because it has freed humans to focus on a narrower scope of labour in order to provide for oneself, rather than suffer inefficiencies in having to produce, food, drinks, clothes and other material comforts or amusement, the market helps us all collaborate and provide for one another.

But in the course of trying to provide for one another, distribution of the valuable resources or output can be rather skewed without any malice or ill intent, even if allocation is efficient. So the day when capital is responsible for the bulk of meeting most needs, labour needs to identify needs to serve in the market. If there isn’t, if we as humans collectively declare our contentment then we can start looking at just helping one another contribute to the future we want to build.