Short book

I just finished writing a short book which I’m going to publish as an ebook for free! It covers some fundamentals about looking for a job and/or career which I take my clients through either during our discovery session or first coaching session. Many have found these concepts really helpful in providing clarity and a clean framework to map and put all their thoughts and plans in.

So why do I make it free for all? Because I really enjoy creating that clarity for people. And that is also why I developed my coaching practice. Yet that is something best suited to be tailored to individuals; it requires me to apply my thinking on challenges and issues specifically. Being able to share these more universal concepts allows my clients to sharpen their diagnosis of challenges and frees me to work on deeper issues.

But more importantly, I started my coaching practice to equip the young professionals for life in the future. A future that we want to create, where we overcome challenges. Especially the ones unintentionally created by the previous generations in their striving for a better life.

So watch this site for the launch.