The Programme

You all know the drill, the programme, so please get on with it. Enter the classroom, find your seat, stay quiet. Raise your hands if you have questions but don’t ask questions that cannot be answered. Everyone must choose a co-curricular activity, have your textbook with you when you go for classes, finish your homework on time, etc.

You know the programme, so why aren’t you following it? That’s the bosses’ instructions. Yes I know it doesn’t make sense to put this data in this chart but he wants it. Well the ship has sailed to ask that question so you better stop questioning and just do it. You can’t just send one-word reply emails!

Mass education and industrialism goes hand in hand in case you have not realised. Compliance is a means of social organising and it has brought much civil goodness and enhanced productivity, raised living standards, improved public health. Just think about how important civil compliance is with mask-wearing and vaccinations to limit the spread of Covid-19.

Yet we must be aware what all that is serving at different points of our lives. There will be areas of life where you’d struggle to fit, where you might feel alone, where you’re deceived into the notion of normality and you just aren’t that. And there are just times you know the programme but you don’t get it. What do you do then?