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The Coaching Practice

My coaching practice is born out of my work, friendships with people I really care about, and youths whom I had the privilege to empower. I’d be happy to work with anyone who is committed to personal growth. I’m currently focused on serving a client base of young professionals who may have graduated from college for 2-8 years, seeking:

  • clarity on career direction having tasted work in some areas
  • a change in profession direction but don’t know where or how to start
  • to develop strategies to build a professional moat for oneself
  • guidance on developing the growth mindset to handle challenges at work

Coaching Approach: Dream, think & act

Clients will fill up a questionnaire to help me assess which stage they are in – the ‘dream’, ‘think’ or ‘act’ phase. And I’ll tailor my approach and focus towards helping my clients get through the process to achieve their career and job objectives.

My coaching approach follows the 3-steps that I outlined in my free ebook: Dream, think & act which you can download here.

My rates are currently at S$150/hr for coaching. CV and Cover Letter review rates are available but will require at least one coaching session prior.

Email Course: Telling your Career Story

Feeling shy about meeting me and sharing your journey with me? Preferring to just have the materials to chew on without having to schedule coaching sessions?

I’ve developed an email course which will provide a walk-through of the concepts I described in my book, Dream, think & act. You will receive 9 mini-coaching emails that will be delivered to your mailbox over 9 days.

The course comes with a printable workbook that allows you to note down the points of reflections as you go through the course each day. I’ve prepared the workbook in word doc format so you can follow the course with digital notes as well if you prefer.

Career Coaching Newsletter & Community

At the end of the day, I hope to be able to build up a community that would be able to support one another and grow together. I write regularly to a mailing list, to share about my writings, views on education and tips on careers, and self-development. Please also follow me on instagram where I share snippets of learnings from various thought-leaders past and present, as well as common questions or thought that may arise from my coaching work.

Thanks again for visiting and reading. Keep growing!