Daily Ideas

The discipline of writing, putting out ideas everyday started out more as an attempt to learn to show up daily. And in Seth Godin’s words, to practise shipping the work. But then it also evolved, it helped me think through ideas more, come up with more ideas, and to learn to craft them, convey them in different ways.

There are some recurring ideas that I keep revisiting such as the importance of the story we tell ourselves, the purpose of life and work, issues surrounding mental health from different angles. Writing daily helps me to build them up, reinforce them from different ideas and also explore the stray connections they may have with each other.

It has helped me be more curious about the world. I had this habit before – in 2006-2007 when I was preparing more for national exams. When I determined that I should write 1 essay a day. It was mainly to train my ability to write cogently; but I did already fall in love with writing then.

So for those out there with ideas to share, I’d say, please write on.