Strategy & Tactics III

Strategy is required as a result of scarcity – limited resources, time, capacity. If you had infinite resources, you don’t need a strategy because you can afford to squander any amount of resources to get to where you want. But then again if the end goal of strategies are to get more resources, then having infinite resources basically mean you already fulfilled your goals.

Then there is evolution, which is where optimising resources at system level is not as important as proliferating diversity and searching for multiple optimal strategies. This is how a specie survive, and how the market system perpetuates. In such a system, tactics in the short term can become an obsession. So it is important to understand what is the game you’re playing before figuring out how you play it.

So what is the strategy for? Why do you want to be number one? Why is that worth living, training for? Are those questions really necessary? Can we ignore them? Is there something else we are trying to move towards when we think about our “strategies” – can we achieve the something else differently?