The Purposeful Life

I’ve been looking at the Ikigai framework for a while to draw out questions for coaching or mentorship purposes and that has been wonderful. For some unknown reason we were never trained or taught to think this way and it is only when we are ‘adulting’ that we are starting to consider this.

One of the best infographics on Ikigai I’ve seen

I had wanted to write about it but never really got down to, until now. This infographic on ikigai does more than showing the different domains but also that ‘feeling’ which one seem to have when somehow lingering close to the sweet spot but not quite there yet. I think since young we’ve been nudged to ‘satisfice‘, and consequently we seem to think that hitting all those pieces is not quite possible. Instead of actually thinking of it as about ‘careers’, one can just consider how those 4 questions that governs the 4 different spheres as a powerful way of thinking about how one should devote time, effort and resources in life (links to articles added in retrospect):

But how do we answer these questions? I shall in the next couple of days, explore each of those topics and try to consider how to break them down into different pieces for you to dwell on and discover for yourself. The purpose of this series is more to try and answer those questions for yourself than how to apply those answers to your own life; but hopefully, being more equipped to answer these guiding questions will push you to think through more how they are able to come together in your life to enhance it.

This is the cover article of multi-part series of writing on Ikigai. I have not decided how many parts it is going to be. But do download the worksheet and work alongside this series.