Single outcome & general outcomes

We could be focused on sustainability thinking we just want to reduce plastics waste, and think about all ways to substitute it. There’re reusable bottles, food containers, etc. My home is full of plastic reusable water bottles, as well as food containers. We do use them but there’s a sense they eventually become plastic waste as well. And then there’s the whole drive on biodegradable plastics; which I discovered to be more resource intensive than normal plastics – and gets incinerated in our waste-to-energy plants anyways.

When we are militant about single outcomes: eg. losing weight, getting good grades, becoming a manager, or running a unicorn startup before the age of 40, we can lose many things. And we can be burning resources unnecessary to get to those single outcomes without recognising that what we want is something more general. We have this obsession that with this one thing, all things will be alright. It’s exactly the kind of struggle and challenge that Disney Pixar’s Soul (a film) is trying to reflect on.

When we select our desire outcomes, we might want to think more holistically; it’ll be hard to work out the strategy and paths towards that, but allowing ourselves to think this way will help us go farther.