Chemistry Notes!

I’m not sure if this is long awaited, but ERPZ finally started a Chemistry Notes Section! I guess everyone would be more grateful if this was up a couple of months back when people are preparing for A Levels. Well, I haven’t found Zhuoyi’s website then and I was unsure about my handwritten notes then. So now, there’s only 2 sets of notes available, one kindly shared by Zhuoyi, which I’ve consolidated and reformatted into a single document. I might soon put up individual links to each set of Zhuoyi’s notes if readers are interested.

The other set is by me; it’s mostly handwritten with typed pages here and there. For those who might be interested, I’ve added a set of handwritten instructions on how you can make use of your Graphic Calculator’s statistics functions to perform calculations for reaction kinetics at the last few page of the document.

Enjoy Learning!


  1. So much rote memorization…

    For example, everything in the ‘periodicity’ section can be summarized by knowing relationship to effective nuclear charge.

    Also, physical chemistry does not mean what you think it means. What you have is general chemistry. 😀

    1. Ya, I guess. That’s what you do when you try to ‘study’ for exams. When you’ve learnt the stuff there’s really no need for the notes. And yep, like I mentioned in the Chem Notes page, Chemistry is basically about understanding the general principles; in the case of periodicity, you’ve to consider the factors resulting in the effective nuclear charge before moving on to the macro-effects of this concept as well.

      As for ‘Physical Chemistry’, I’m using it the way A Levels (page 7 onwards of the syllabus document) use it and I’ve no intention to mislead. Do accept my apologies if it appears to be ignorance on my part.

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