Conservation of Sense

Somehow, I enjoy applying scientific laws to society – that must mean that our society can be governed by the same principles as those which governs nature. I begin to wonder about the Law of Conservation of Sense. Sense, like energy and perhaps in a way, mass, should be at some kind of constant throughout the entire universe and thus, to ‘make sense’, we have to use some raw material, thus depleting sense, manifested in some other forms, much like coal storing energy. Compacted ‘sense’ should usually be in the form of books but it appears that if books are sources of sense, then the law cannot apply because books would then cause sense to be increasing – unless we are reading it and using it in the expense of our future. Which is also meant to say that our future would lack sense.

Assuming that we are not really making sense now, though perceiving that we are, then the future would have lots of sense to work with. But that would also mean that I have not uncovered where all the sense go in the meantime. It turned out later, that sense, much like energy, has the other form. Just that at the present time, we cannot accept it in this form, just like the way when we cannot accept the fact that energy can be manifested as mass. It is hard to believe that ‘crap’ is just another manifestation of sense. It is through combusting ‘crap’ that we get sense – just like the way we burn coal to get energy locked in it. This is an important concept because it would mean that whole collection of thoughts that we can have, all contributes towards creating sense.

Sense, in the first place, is an articifical concept, much like energy. We decide on what makes sense through our intuition, which in fact, is perceived as a counterweight to sense itself. That’s why people argue easily that we are using reasoning by faith – for we will be caught in a cyclic argument to prove that reasoning is justified. We are ultimately deceiving ourselves for ‘greater good’.

Relating such ideas to the previous entry on Way & Will, we must again realised that it is way that is tangible and not will. If such is not sufficient for us to discover the inherent flaw in our intuition, consider the fact that we have already embraced way but continued to deny it, spending loads of resources on absolutely redundant ‘rationalisation’. More importantly, the fact that we even exist, is a result of way and not will. It is ‘crap’ that we ultimately are – and ‘sense’ which we seek to become. There are so many thing we believe in, which we have no way of justifying, and yet, at the same time, we have to believe in reason. That puts us in a spot we sometimes realised but largely ignore. And as usual, I am just pointing out things, unable to change them. To put it in the context of this entry, I am just trying, just trying to Make Sense.


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