While everyone ushered in the year 2006, I was online.

While everyone were busy looking at fireworks, I was online.

While everyone were wishing each other ‘Happy New Year’, I was also online (and I received them too).

The holidays have left me too much time to remain online so hours and days, while the rest of the time when I wasn’t online were devoted to gaming. This is bad, because I haven’t actually been playing for a long time, and it is probably quite hard to rid of this form of addiction in such a short notice. Holidays is really the best times to shuffle your thoughts and be happy, but it is also a good time to slack, game, and feel that life is nothing.

There seem nothing recent that happened, and is great enough for me to comment on. While might stay around, I may no longer stay around to blog because of other stuff to do and the heavy workload in wherever I am going. I might still be writing political articles but they will not come online any time soon. In any case, they are more likely to be in Chinese and there’s no point posting them, with no readers willing to stop by and read chinese characters.

In fact, I am thinking of revamping the blog such that it just displays pictures I post, sort of like a photoblog, except there’s probably no text at all. 2006 will probably the same as every other years which have past, with the same number of hours and days, with the same old people ruling the world, and the few coffeeshop critics reflecting on the society. Then of course, there will be new buildings around the world; Olympics Village in Beijing (or is it done?), some more houses in Aceh, more ‘piers’ in Jalan Besar’, and IRs on our island. Oh, and there’s something new actually, not a new building, in fact it is pretty old, but it just begin serving mankind – the Buangkok MRT Station.

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