PHP Calculation

Since I was free enough to slack around though I still have another few more exam coming up, I might as well brush up my PHP, or rather start picking up PHP, which I do have some idea about. The result of this thought is an experiment I did with numbers, examination scores, and PHP programme – Marks Calculation System. Okay, the name is obviously lame (or lamely obvious) and the function is terribly stupid but at least it helps some poor Math-blur kids from my school get out of their fix by calculating how much marks they need for examinations to allow them to obtain a final score of A1 or total all of their scores up.

All they have to do is fill up a pretty simple form and click a button. The programme generates a score they obtained, or have to obtain (depending on which calculator of the calculation system you are referring to), up to 2 decimal points. Well, that’s nothing to boast of, I was simply trying out what I just learnt. If you want a better calculation system, you probably go to Chen Shuang. But I believe this few files I have coded will suffice if you just need to total your score over the year. Students from my school probably like to try using it.

Oh yah, don’t worry about others knowing your marks. I haven’t learn how to store the data you key into the form into some sort of flat files or sql database – though soon I probably will.

I am probably making more of such calculation programmes for lame usage, working with more complex functions and such. Then, I will try building a ‘site-newscasting’ system for normal organisational usage.


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