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I just realised that IE users are not able to view the nice header I made for the new blog layout because of some IE css file which I did not edit when modifying the theme to customise it for my blog. Now I solved the problem.

Interestingly, Dr Croc has decided to introduce himself as Christopher Yang for everyone to know him. Well, I might have to give some background then. As mentioned earlier, Dr Croc will be a co-author of ‘Propagator’, working on interesting insights of the society. If you consider Mib the Political type of person, you can say that Dr Croc is the Social type. Vib is a mix. Please do note that deviation from facts occurs all the time in my posts an names such as ‘Shuqun’ are entirely fictional and is not a personal attack at anyone (unless I explictly state it).

Exams’ off for a while and I probably be a little more active here.


  1. OK, who is this Christopher Yang? And what on earth is he doing on Vib’s (but really my) blog? You can also consider Mib the paranoid type and he wants to check out this Christopher Yang’s background to ensure he is not a Hanjian/Jap-sympathiser, or other undesirables.

  2. Mib, he’s someone you know and he’s not whatever Hanjian/Jap-sympathiser or whoever. Don’t worry, he’s not going to be arguing over Jap issues like someone by the screen name, ‘Biorep’.

  3. WHO? Yang is a common surname, and so is Christopher. And I wouldn’t really say that Biorep argued with me. More like me slapping him around.

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