A Blog or Four?

I thought I was different in my attitude towards blogging, advocating the writing of personal opinion and voicing of social issues, rather than talk about one’s own life and stuff. It is true that I have managed to attain that level, but it appears that sub-consciously, blogging is still a lame activity that dumb people engage in, to do what the teachers’ call ‘funny things’. And this is why when Sin Hwee told me he began blogging, I was taken aback. Of course, I have nothing against him. I was propagating the social stereotype by being surprise at the ‘news’. That’s bad.

Worst is the new rules that are introduced to the arena of blogging. Blogging threatens any, regime, individual with authority or a respected person, because like any other form of mass media, it has the ability to propagate ideas, spread inciting ideas, which will in turn cause some sort of resentment towards these authoriative figures. Of course, the blogs being online would mean the whole world can see it – increasing its threat against anyone being a target of the blogger. Ironically, the stereotypic idea about blogging is pretty lame – just a site to talk about one’s own life. By far, we have not seen anyone starting a revolution using internet or any online mediums. So we should not let our imagination go too far. There is, perhaps, too strong a paranoia around those with authority.

People in power having such problems are inconfident of presiding over a group of bloggers – they feel insecured that there may be a particular page online that will say something about their weakness or the injustice they did, since these bloggers are clearer with ‘the regime’. Well, it is no longer important whether these stuff are true, because when people do nothing bad, they shouldn’t be afraid that people’s claims (for this claims would not withstand the test of time – as learnt from ancient wisdom taught to us since we were young). Too bad, everyone makes mistakes – now I am probably making one.


4 responses to “A Blog or Four?”

  1. “If I have to imprison 200,000 bloggers to preserve the peace of Singapore, so be it.” — Fueher Lee

    Don’t worry this blog is hosted in the United States of Amerika.

  2. It doesn’t matter where it is hosted. If you get caught putting up racist remarks on CNN forum (I am not sure how they identify it’s you), you will still be prosecuted (or persecuted). Similarly, even if you go Hyde Park and shout racist remarks, they will have you detained once you are back.

  3. Uh… no. I don’t know which third-world hell hole you came from, but in the United States of Amerika, racism is not illegal.

  4. To bad, I am there. And you once were there too.

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