There is Bingyuan, talking about missing people, the school and stuff. I am here to say how life will still be the same. Haven’t we been through enough transitions, troubles – always brought upon by ourselves? Even in Bingyuan’s posts, he made special reference to the troubles his class has created in his journey in the school. The problem that we are facing now is that we are not going to have our lives changed by just ‘leaving’ the school this time. It is different now, troubles, nonsense are carried forward together with all the troublemakers.

While there are new teachers, new classroom, new rules, new environment, the fact that people remains a relative contant (relative to the past years) still means the same life. We do get to the end of the travelator but there’s still another one ahead. Worst, there’s a custom guard making sure that those with boarding pass labelled ‘IP’ would proceed to this next travelator. We will see different potted plants, new duty free stores and different gate numbers but those on the travelator are still the same. It is not that I mind – I will still meet Bingyuan on the travelator together with other familiar faces (except Mib, who has long landed somewhere else). The ultimate problem lies with the bunch of troublemakers on the travelator. They probably try to pull out the thick strip of rubber used as the hand rest of the travelator or do a hand-stand on the travelator.

The bottom line is that, other than those who have left for their gates, and those especially great educators, we would miss no one. In fact, we probably become irritated by the presence of some people. To be honest, I am pretty annoyed with Bok for slacking Physical Education and talking nonsense with Trix and gang – such attitudes towards learning is despicable (this sentence is sponsored by the politically correct side of my brain, situated on the left cerebrum). I suspect, I will be together with a group of people who have flunked next year, because it happened to me also. I have no real hopes for the future because there seems nothing socially accepted as great that I did like to take up as future career.

We’ll all try to let nature takes its course.


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