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Mib is becoming more ethocentric now that he begin his bombardment on Japanese Culture. Before reading further, please go to his blog and read this, so that you understand what I am rabbling about. Now, here’s my comment on his arguement that sushi is from China.

For a start, we can say everything from Japan originates from China. Strictly speaking, if we consider whatever Japan does after their clear breakage (when they start their own language) with China as their own, we must consider that Sushi originates from Japan.

Firstly, Chinese DO NOT mix vinegar with rice for consumption – those are usually animal feed or something like that. Sushi is discovered after vinegar is applied to the rice, supposedly for preservation purposes. More importantly, the great variety of sushi available has rendered its origins unimportant. The ones with raw fish (usually salmon or tuna) on them are definitely from Japan because the Chinese never ate salmon raw.

Next, from a more pragmatic point of view, Chinese (from the background and cultural – not racial perspective) wouldn’t be so ‘dumb’ as to squeeze their staple into balls one by one, eventually eating them all together. More importantly, the kind of rice used for sushi is unlike the Chinese staple type.

Finally, no one really gives a damn about where sushi comes from because you just pop food into your mouth without bothering about their origins. After all, you don’t munch on your pizza thinking about Italy, or chew on some cheese and fantasize French stuff.

And the reason why I am posting this comment here is that I fear he will delete my comments in an attempt to save his ‘face’ – when of course, he could have deleted this particular post as well; but he wouldn’t usually read my blog – so never mind.


  1. bleh. i have a debate (probably) on monday so i need to make sure nobody sees this. no hard feelings.

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