Lots of funny stuff out there other than the one peanut on Mib’s blog. You all have to go check out the “iPod Flea” advertisements that really rocks. This parody is done so professionally that I think they should be employed by Apple somehow to liven the Apple’s advertisements themselves.

And talking about advertisements, Opera Browser have finally decided to tap on their popularity and go freeware. Now I would say it is on par with Firefox in its attractiveness but user volume is another thing.

Then Bingyuan is once again stirring up a discussion with his “36 Methods of Mathematical Proof” article, which he probably koped from somewhere else. I told it was pretty funny but the length causes people to lose interest in the whole thing and eventually forgot that they set out to read a joke.

I rarely read Leonard’s blog – he don’t really updates it anyway – but when I do, I always find something pretty interesting. Here it is. I thought it is quite an interesting parallel. But I don’t think Charles have to age to remarry again.

More funny stuff. There is actually a bill coming in that allows prosecution of commuters who cheat the ez-link bus fare by ez-ily tapping the machine before their destination and ez-ily get off the bus without being caught ez-ily because they are not so ez-ily tracked. See Mr Brown’s article on this.

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