Studying have been taxing – I would consider blogging as a break. So many stuff happened as I was somehow away. I was watching stuff happening one by one: Dengue Madness, Bloggers charged for racism, More people contracting Dengue, iPod Nano came out, Mib using Canon camera and so on. Big happenings. But I refused to comment. I am enlightened.

That doesn’t mean I have evolved into a God or something. I am simply enlightened for a brief period of time – a little longer than average persons, but nonetheless, not anymore. I shall explain the mechanism of enlightenment. Enlightenment is actually the sudden realisation of some kind of truth – usually interpreted to be the ultimate truth – and this realisation didn’t struck you; it is a collection of your experience and your deductions made throughout your life. We all become enlightened, for a brief moment, frequently, throughout our lives. And each time, the realisation is different, more sophisticated with age as experience forms theories and established theories about the society becomes laws.

When we ponder hard enough over something, and finally decide to give up on it, we sometimes receive the Truth at the particular juncture of giving up or breaking off. That is when you are enlightened. I can’t quite remember the Truth that I realised but I simply knew it came, and it lingered around for a while. And when it does linger around, we will start thinking – what should we do with this Truth – for we all know we are powerless to change anything at that point. Eventually, we find that being enlightened is simply too hard and we lapse back into reality, where we are much more comfortable: interacting with familiar faces, dealing with life problems. We live life normal again. As soon as we ‘regain’ position in our lives, we forget about this time when we are enlightened.

So why do people give up being enlightened? What so hard about it? It is hard, because the Truth is not expected, totally surprising and doesn’t fit into our mindset. We simply cannot agree that whatever came to us is the Truth. During the lingering period (length varies with persons), we think about verifying the Truth, or try to ignore it but failed (those who were successful lapse back into reality). Then we (at least for me) can’t manage to find fault with this information presented to us. We finally accept it. But after a period of living with it, we are still uncomfortable. So I finally gave up, along with another few millions of people around the universe. Some probably got it then shrug it off immediately. Others find it too absurd for their understanding.

We, everyone of us, are nothing great. We are always presented with opportunities to do whatever sort of thing. Even to be enlightened, but we don’t have such capacity for greatness. Hence, we continue with such life. So do I, just like Mib, we continue to conform to the laws of the nation the societal conventions, the tradition limitations, the customary restrictions, and the other ridiculous threats.

Now, it is back to work. By the way, a new layout is coming up for Propagator. Do look out for it soon. I still have some issues with the shoutbox. Probably won’t include it in the new design.

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