You know talking on MSN can pose quite a lot of problem. When you are not looking at the person, you’d feel strange when you are telling a joke and you can’t see the response. Then you probably go, “LOL”, or “Bleah”. Or maybe you decide to invent your own ‘random’ expressions – like “Vookibookk”, “Voogunihsabunda”.

Or perhaps others that do not start with ‘V’, like “Juulorubo” or most importantly, terms that cannot be pronounced, “Xusnaiur”. Then, you can give it a pronunciation yourself and no matter how well others may think they can read it, you say it’s wrong. And if you are really happy, you can fiddle with some punctuation and then you get stuff like “!Xusyllaernaiur”.

I was really inspired by this guy I was talking to, on MSN. He goes by a strange name, and a rather interesting appearance and [almost] commented that: “This dumb looking blog wif (sic) some green creature on the right muz (sic) be owned and authored by some dumb good-for-nothing guy who has nothing better to do in his damned boring life”. I must say…I agree with him absolutely!

Youngsters these days are really funny on MSN. They go “bleah” or “LOL” for almost everything that you tell them before giving their actual reply. It is as though they are having hiccups on MSN (except they don’t go ‘hic’)! And they substitute some of the most important key words used for communications with these ‘random expressions’. Here’s an example:

Vib: Hi, long time no chat

*Insanity: bleah -> ‘Bleah’ here meant: “Oh, hi!”

Insanity: Who are you?

Vib: Oh, it’s me. Vib.

Insanity: bleah. is that so? -> ‘Bleah’ here meant: “Vib. I haven’t talked to you?”

I don’t think you want to know the contents here.

Vib: Bye then!

Insanity: bleah -> ‘Bleah’ here meant: “Bye then. See ya!”

*Insanity happens to be the nick of the guy I earlier mentioned. Interesting.

You see, these teens are really good at saving time (and words). Just one word to replace so many. We don’t really need languages anymore. *LOL* (Followed by a series of ‘bleah-ccups’) MSN is really a interesting place to hang out if you have sufficient contacts like these – and I really mean ‘Insanity’. I owe you one for giving me the inspiration to type all these crap. I think you should also go and start a blog so that you have a chance to open fire at this post of mine.

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