Hotmail Space

After more than a year of waiting, my hotmail account finally grew in capacity. As you can see, it grew from a pathetic 2MB (that has been lurking around for the past 5 years), to the current 25MB. This is good enough for me since I don’t usually store large mails in my account, given the original low capacity.


Hotmail have been trying to increase the capacity of their users following Yahoo’s explosive increase from the original 6MB to the good-enough 200MB (for a brief period, it was 100MB) and then to the unbelieveable 1GB (which could be considered a response to Gmail). The emergence of Gmail really changed the free email provider landscape on the Internet. Hotmail have been a little biased. I know of users with 250MB capacity – free. So my 25MB is considered nothing.


  1. Wah finally. I’ve used my hotmail account solely for MSN Messenger. The capacity sucks. Although it’ve got it up to 25mb, it is still considered small storage space since GMail and Yahoo! provides 2.5Gb and 1Gb of storage space respectively (correct me if I’m wrong).


  2. Strictly speaking, Gmail provides finite storage somewhere between 2.5 to 2.6 GB – this is because it is supposed to be increasing all the time, only that the climb hasn’t really been very fast.

  3. lol that means the rate of change is a reciprocal function … in other words the increase gets really small over time

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