Something tells you that the image of your school is seriously distorted and miscomprehended by the public when you step into a the lift with an old lady and an old man, in your school uniform and hear the following:

Old Lady: ‘Ah Lao ah, eh tuk ji eh ou deng eh huk sei tia tio xi ho kia.’ (Literally means: ‘Husband, can study in this school, this student must be very good child.’)

There was no one else in the lift and the lady was pointing to the wall near me so I assumed she was talking about me.

Old Man: ‘Orrr!’

The lift stopped at their destinated storey.

Old Lady: ‘Ho kia.’ (Literally means: ‘Good child’)

She seems to be pointing at me to her old man again. Then they left the lift.

I am bewildered. Was I flattered? Am I supposed to be happy or sad? For my school or myself? Or should I first applaud the efforts of our publicity department? As mentioned earlier, there are lots of contradiction between reality and perception of the public. I am not really surprised in the first place – it is just the kind of credit that is ‘credited’ wrongly. I admit the world is confusing and basically absurd, but this seem out of societal norm. Perhaps I am wrong – the society is like this: facade, fakes, nonsense, lies. I certainly hope we don’t have to be like that to continue to survive in this world.

By the way, to all teachers in the world – Happy Teachers’ Day. I would like all teachers to take note that they should correctly reflect the society to the students while in the classroom. Some may say it is too cruel or that the students aren’t mature enough to understand the world – but that simply drive students into confusion and even maddness when they see the real world. In any case, thanks all who have taught me and misleaded me into thinking that the world is kind and nice.


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