Having been going through Intertext classes for almost a term, I was bombarded by an avalanche of interpretation of Absurdist literature, and forced to link the whole idea with the idea of Existentialism. It appears, that to the young, especially the apathetic ones of this age, is extremely vulnerable to being converted to this form of atheist-ness. In any case, they ignore rather than strongly oppose the possible existence of any God or divine, supreme being. They speak of how the universe is essentially illogical and that everything has no purpose or meaning. They asserts that one must adjust oneself to get out of the social conventions and be indifferent to the rest of the world because it is simply too hard to fully subscribe to any existing structure of religion or belief.

The whole irony is that human beings are somehow endowed with this form of logical reasoning, a term given to this process of explanation given by us, and yet it does not fit into the rest of the picture. Fundamentally, it has not been able to answer many questions. The question that remains deep in the flaw of what known as logical reasoning is the real purpose of existence. And the answers themselves, usually branches out to several possibilities or motivates further questioning that brings about essentially no meaning to the initial question. Even Douglas Adam’s warned us of how absurd the universe is (even when he has gone so far to make the one in his story much weirder than that of ours). Because of such, there really exist no causal chain – what happens is all within our mind, our psyche and our ‘logical reasoning’ that brings about all these nonsense.

At the end of the day, the existentialist are questioning whether our lives is all about waiting. The answer they have come up with is a combination of their beliefs and derived from the original set structure that humans traditionally abide by. We are to invent a structure for ourselves, for we are the only being who can truly define ourselves. In fact, we are already bound by the earlier matrix that we have no way of changing – because we can’t find a way around it – our names. Names are simply tool of identification used by the others to aid their definition and recognition of you. As a joke puts it: What is yours but used by everyone else more than yourself – you name. Can we eventually get out of the system? Are we born to survive only in societies as Plato has somehow postulated.

Treat this as a practice for my essay writing on philosophy and basically existentialism. If it appears too chim, forget it. Take it that I am crapping.

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