It appears that Mib just realised that the front page of have been changed – a major makeover event that occurred more than one and a half month ago. Nah, that’s not important. What matters is that he agrees with me with regards to the working

Maybe we shouldn’t just handover some space to anyone. I thought getting Bryan Tee in would be a good idea, except that he seems too novice a writer to me. But he does have the tongue of critics though he isn’t that serious about most issues we usually discuss.

The basic reason why we are seemingly neglecting is that we are simply too busy with our school work. Then you might ask, why do we still blog? This is similar to the question some traditional teachers ask their blogging students who claims to have no time for school work. Well, I guess it is because we still have the passion to argue for what we really believe. Other than that, there is an element of self-publicity – not that it is very important. But the fundamental benefit for me is the writing part. I can vouch that if you bother to blog in the best language you can, you will improve in writing (only, if you don’t really speak) and verbal expression in no time. You can talk crap but ultimately, it is a fact that your mind is generating words – the text that you may have come across and wanted to comment on and so on.

Of course, it doesn’t matter if you add a touch of Singlish, or Chinese, or even dialects for they are beneficial to the readers in understanding the Singaporean’s point of view towards things. It is ‘Uniquely Singapore’ (To quote from STB’s slogan). And you can also be Uniquely [something else]. Say, Mib wants to be ‘Uniquely Mib’ and decides to scatter anti-japanese propaganda all over his blog, there should be no reason why you should scoff at his views. You can only decide to disagree with him and then scoot off to somewhere else.

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