Many Thanks

Thanks Bingyuan, Leonard and Wei Sheng. Everyone did a good job – it is just not good enough – but nevermind. I think we have put in everything we have. Recognition from oneselves is more important. Call it self-consolation if you like, but I thought we should learn to attach and dettach from society readily so that our emotions are not affected. Of course, if I want to go extreme, I can always go existentialist and say, “Grand Finals is just the society’s way of showing their recognition, and I wouldn’t accept it even if I was offered the opportunity”.

The term is nearing its end, and so is the year. While we may dangle from the leftovers of this year, I truly hope the next year would be a really new and great one.

We have come to the end of this project, and it shall end for now until we pick it up later, soon. Yah, that’s all, I am quite pissed actually. If you are free, and is looking for something to do, I suggest you go and vote for the president. This election is designed in the Singaporean-style, please do not be surprise by how strange the voting process is.


2 responses to “Many Thanks”

  1. Kong simi??? Orrrr


    NEXT …


  2. I am toking about my school project which failed to make it. Yah, let’s go vote!

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