My Turn

Yes. It is my turn to say something about the NKF thing. I wanted to title this post, ‘Want more jobs? Go charity!’, but unfortunately, I don’t like to see my topics too long and hence the title. Not having such post on your blog apparently signifies how shallow you are as a Singaporean. So I must not lose out, even to Mib, who is currently somewhere else.

Well, now you know, guys, if you need jobs, go set up some charity fund or a ‘non-profit’ organisation. Yes. You not only benefit yourself by providing an income for your family, you help other people in need, and most importantly, you will be able to satisfy people who donate to you. You need to have a board, of directors, of course, preferably those who are friendly with you. So if I am the CEO, I probably get Mib to be one of the Directors, and also Bok. That’s it, you can now start solving unemployment problems.

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