Go Peanuts!

I know the NKF thing just got bigger after the ‘Peanuts’ Comment, which have been driving people nuts. Recently, you would notice that whenever you pass by an old coffeeshop, you’d hear people shouting, “Oei uncle! Roti-peanuts! Peanuts zhuay zhuay! Mai ka wa pang kaya hor!” (Non-Singaporean’s Translation: Uncle, give me bread with peanut butter. Make the layer of peanut butter as thick as possible. And don’t you dare give me Kaya!) Well, some people may not even know what is Kaya, I can’t help, there is no proper explanation for this ‘sauce’.

As I was saying, people are going crazy over peanuts, even the teachers are talking about it: “I think nowadays you go supermarket right, you will notice people picking peanuts one by one,” and another says, “Peanuts are cool, I’d like to earn peanuts too!” And best of all, the cynics are popping out everywhere. They are always beside you, but now, they emerge as the heros, the greatest and the noblest of all – a role they never had till now, and they’d say…

“See, I told you not to dump your money into that black hole. Where got every year collect money 3 times then can only last 3 years only? Come on man, why you so stupid?…”

“Exactly 2 weeks leh…2 weeks before the trial I email everyone and told them that dumb organ-isation was nonsense. You know the money go to who meh? Well, now you know, but no use crying…”

“You mean you give that caretaker of funds 150 bucks every year? What the? You dunno that a portion of the money get ‘donated’ to the telephone company meh? Oh god, you are damn lousy man!”

Who knows? These guys probably donated huge amounts of money for the past years and are saying all this to vent their frustration. Lucky for me, I maintain my stand: I only help the people in need directly, never in such means. Money is a good tool, but it is also a tempting one. Unfortunately, it is difficult to say you can survive without it, yet no one will ever say they have had enough of it. Oh yes, the situation now is a little different, people prefer gold taps and peanuts nowadays. Money is nothing.

Talking about peanuts, I used to like them a lot, but no longer. Don’t be mistaken, I didn’t withdraw from peanuts because of this incident – it was once when some of the crushed nuts stucked in my molar teeth, and really hurt my gums. Yea, that was stupid, I know that. But now that the craze is on, I think we should all go Peanuts! Or we probably will be deemed Nuts!

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