Was Out

For those who are not sure, Vib is not gone, and neither is Propagator or this subdomain going to sink into a state of total passive-ness. I was out this few days, slacking away instead of mugging at home. I was going to the Art Museum on Friday (because they have free admission on tha day from 6pm – 9pm), when I saw two rats fighting out on the patch of grass beside th pavement to my bus stop. Armed with a camera (which I intend to use when I am at the museum), I took half a dozen shots of the two creature fighting like crazy. One of the photos I took even revealed some blood on one of the rat’s nose.

Here’s one of the best picture I shot. No blur, no mess, and almost perfect lighting. The dumb thing is the cigarette butt in the picture. Stupid Singaporeans, they know they probably get fined when they litter on the pavement since it is so obvious so they simply dump their ‘butts’ on the grass patch. What a nuisance! So much for a gracious society.


I thought the rat on the right has quite a nice pose, but a pity its tail was too long to be captured fully. Its limbs are all visible and I was quite close to the two guys when I shot them. I saw the same couple chasing each other a few days back when I was going to the venue of my community service, also near the bus stop. I guess they never finish fighting.

In life, some pairs of people, friends, buddies, or enemies, they will fight each other out, comparing in almost everything. In the end, they finish their fight realising how everything have been meaningless though all those competition has helped allowed them to rise in the society. The lives they wanted were simpler.


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