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I rarely do propaganda for others, but I seriously think that Internet Explorer is screwed. Browser Happy is a site dedicated to educating people about the harms that Internet Explorer brings and promote alternative browser softwares. Do visit it and download the suitable browser for your browsing experience.

By the way, if you browse this site with Internet Explorer, and then compare it with the view on Mozilla Firefox, you will realise that there seems to be a difference in the way they process the colour codes of the background. I am not sure why but it doesn’t make a single sense. Basically, Internet Explorer doesn’t really deliver the content as desired by the programmer at times, in fact, most of the times.

Personally, I use Firefox as a primary browser, with Internet Explorer as the secondary. This is mainly because of the large number of Visual Basic driven site, which I have to access. Firefox don’t seem to be able to process certain of the Visual Basic coding. Too bad. Nonetheless, Internet Explorer is still giving me problems like crazy pop-ups. In school, we also see those computer-dumb (not illiterate, just dumb) teachers who have tonnes of spywares and virus on their computers, the explanation – Internet Explorer.

So the final message: Avoid the Blue ‘E’, Down with ‘IE’.


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