Down Again!

Okay. was down yesterday. We have been having this problem since we changed host. Well, it is not our fault but we still have to apologize to readers. This is sarcasm to the host if you haven’t noticed.

Since it is the holidays, I haven’t really been doing anything productive. I fiddled with photoshop again and got this picture as a poster for my film, that should be completed by the end of this month (but will probably not).

Film Poster

I used a yellowish base as background then scattered the leaves with the preset ‘leaves brush’ in Photoshop CS, followed by the ‘grass brush’ at the bottom of the poster and added another layer with a green shade, and set it to ‘color’. Add the text and poof, I got this thing. Sounds much easier than it is done. I did experiment with the colors to obtain the best combination. But guess what kind of comment I get from my sister?

Looks like a ‘World Green Day’ poster to me.

I thought the green is supposed to give the poster a natural touch because everything in the film is simply too stiff and it is also supposed to make viewers feel calm. Green is supposed to soothe. Unfortunately, being Singaporeans, they just link everything that’s green in colour to being environmentally-friendly.

If that’s so, what is the Chinese Black and White painting of bamboos all about? Frankly speaking, from a scientific perspecive, plants looks green because the leaves absorb every other colour of light except green light. Plants hates green light – it provides them with almost no energy at all. If you shine green light on a green plant and expect it to grow, I can tell you that you are definitely stupider than this dumb fat blogger who denies that his lipid content is increasing.

Gravitational pull increasing. Yeah, right. Wait till you damage the bathroom scale. They did start lying to you by showing you the same weight all the time.


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  1. bingyuan

    by talking about the cookies, it goes to show to I acknowledge that the increase in mass is due to the cookies, therefore admitting that I AM growing horizontally. the title was just a misnomer.

  2. Okay. So any solutions so far?

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