We talked about two-part pricing and some of that involves the use of subscriptions. Subscriptions are interesting because they ensure the match between the flow of services and the cashflow. This allows goods or services to be continuously supplied regardless of whether they are actually consumed or not. This gives producers the ability to invest more, produce their goods more cheaply, and leverage on the existing base of users to serve more people.

All well and good. The key is to enable those users to feel that there’s added value in subscribing instead of not. Especially in the world where there’s tonnes of free content out there, it is difficult to believe in value from subscriber content.

Despite the challenge, I’m creating a new subscription model where readers who would like to support my continued blogging, ideation and sharing to contribute through subscribing to my Kevlow Blog podcast. It allows me to offer additional value beyond the free daily blog posts to those who care about them and would like to support me while keeping my blog free for anyone and everyone. As a perk, you get an almost daily dose of audio track version of my blog posts. You’ll be hearing the voice of a (probably AI) system by reading my writings but it sounds pretty smooth and comfortable in my opinion.

I think listening to them at 0.75x speed is ideal because writing text from me can be somewhat mouthful and harder to follow than very verbal writings. So once again, I hope you’d support me.