Mandate to learn

We mostly grow up in the national education system; and through even our work life when people talk about life long learning, they talk about certifications and all. But the bulk of learning took place first before school, when we were babies observing the world, and actually at work. It would be such a huge waste to forget all that.

So why is it that we feel we learn only when in structured environments? Why have we not recognised the radical amount of learning and growth that takes place at personal and private level? I’d argue that we have over-relied on testing and certification, gradually lost our ability to properly assess people.

This provides an opportunity in the talent market to companies who can leverage strongly on underappreciated talents and partner them to generate value. It starts from losing all our requirements in terms of experience, qualifications and focusing on skills brought to the table, both tangible and intangible. And sharpening our abilities to sharpen those intangible ones.

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