How do you improve?

When you discover you’re bad at something, what do you do?

Would you stop and give up? Or find out what exactly makes one good? Or even better: find out how you are bad at it? Then what? What will you do with those truths you discover? Does it just take practice? How conscious must you be in doing the right things? How much are you willing to change your gait, your approach, your habits, and mindset to get it right? Will you hire a coach? Or will you find someone good and ask them ‘coach me’?

Which attribute is making you bad at it?

Is it the time it takes for you to do something? What about the thought patterns and thinking that goes through your mind to figure out what you have to do? Is that the part which is cloudy and hard to make clear? What is a map that can help you? Have you gone out and try and identify a framework or structure for thinking? Who do you normally approach when you encounter such challenges?

If you can work on all these, you’d be able to learn anything and do everything – up to a reasonable extent. But are you willing to do it?