What can I learn from this?

When you’re going through a hard time; most often people will be asking themselves where they’d rather be. And the images of alternative reality comes into mind. And the nice things that you’re missing out on just floats around. And the reality you are going through just sucks a little more. How is that helping?

Better to ask yourself what can I learn from this? To put your brain into that curious learning mode. When we ask a question of ‘why’ in a manner where we cannot answer, we are not actually in a learning mode. Because to interrogate reality requires first that you’re willing to find out the truth rather than to dream up alternative reality that fits your psychology.

When you start with ‘what am I trying to accomplish here?’, you begin to question reality by first getting your intentions right. Then you take the little steps to advance your intention, and put yourself in more reflective mode to be conscious about the things you’re truly getting from the experience. The learnings, and not just the outcomes of doing a piece of work.

The conditioning we’ve gotten since going through the school system is that there are times when you learn, and there are times when you express your learnings. False. Reality doesn’t work like this. Neither does your brain. You learn because you do the work. Period. And if you’re ‘suffering’ from work, that’s really when you’re learning.