Communicating woes

People are stressed, burnt out and resigning. Why do people leave their jobs today. Most of them are working too hard; and there’s this performance workaholic-ism out there. On Linkedin, on TV, by our politicians trying to show they are working for the people; by our civil servants, by the MPs. Welcome to work in Singapore.

There is a game out there. Everyone is trying to out-work one another. Everyone is performing, and no one wants to lose out. The performance-driven-ness in Singapore is really about showing off hard work. The truth however, is we are tired. Mentally and physically. And we all need rest. We confess that. But are we backing down? Before illness sets on you. Before it’s too late.

We ought to get better not just at admitting we need rest and resting. But communicating that enough is enough. There’s always good reason to work more, to do more, to think that it’s about excellence and growth. But it can also be about mental health, and illness, and life. If we can learn to be more human once again, to share about our limits, to care for one another by not just checking in but creating space for one another; for our vendors, clients, consultants, we can really make the future one that is worth living in.