Red flags

I think it is a red flag when your boss post on Linkedin that he is working during a national public holiday. This sort of public display of workaholic-ism should probably be more regulated as it breeds an extremely unhealthy culture. Especially for those who are taking on higher position within an organisation.

Years ago, one of the number two or three person of an important public institution I worked with passed away suddenly of heart attack. It happened on a Sunday and I was shocked because I just received an email from him the Thursday before where he approved something I was seeking permission for. My friend had a worse shock because he received an email from the person just a few hours before he passed away. And yes, he was replying a work email on Sunday.

Then a week ago, a friend told me her colleague who was with her on an pretty intense work trip just passed on from heart attack after he returned from the trip. That was an emotional time but for most part, people at work moved on. And naturally, someone else took on and continued the important work he did.

So much life gets given away to work but what is lost by the family can never be returned. How can we make a future of work be one where work truly enables a life worth living?