Frameworks & protocols

Some consultancies thrive on creating frameworks and processes and protocols. They sell, especially well to management. But the ops guys know some of these processes cannot be upheld. They are counter-intuitive, perhaps too onerous. Why is it so hard to convince the management to drop that sort of nonsense?

Because the management wants to believe that the operations are really so rational and systematic. They like to think that most of the things can be measured, quantified and put into a nice dashboard for visualisation. It is the same with a city authority, or even a government.

‘Statistics’ is derived from the latin word ‘status’ that means ‘political state’ or ‘government’. It was related to the ruler collecting data on the territories and the people in order to extract taxes, monitor their subjects, know how powerful their military is. Frameworks, protocols and all that stuff is naturally attractive to the corporate management, that derive most of its techniques from public and military administration. It should come as no surprise that managers who might think they are kings would love these.

Which leads me to ask, how did businesses and leaders learn to break out of that? To envision something entirely different, and to actually try to realise it in their organisations.