Minions’ questions

Is the responsibility of the sales team just to sell without interest of the client or regard for the claims that a product is making? To what extent does a salesperson have to perform sufficient due diligence on his/her own product before trying to approach clients or prospects about it? How convinced should he or she be? Is there a right or wrong when it comes to selling a product that may have been misrepresented?

What about following instructions of management? Especially in terms of instructions you may not agree with? Perhaps not because they are illegal or directly harming anyone in particular, but because you disagree with the management’s assessment of its effectiveness? To what extent do you exercise your own judgment to defend the interest of the company vis-a-vis your management?

What about following a policy; a company’s policy or even the policy stance of perhaps a ministry? The idea of a policy is really to reduce discretion and that is supposed to create some degree of fairness and predictability. But it can also serve to dehumanise the ones who are stewarding it because they are just ‘following the policy’ rather than being human, empathising with situations and recognising the policy intentions. As a staff, one should be free to question these; but unfortunately, if one disagrees and choose not to uphold, then one will have to answer to the consequences of it. Fully.