Not caring and not caring

When we don’t want to be caught up with the outcome, we sometimes stop ‘caring’; but there’s the ‘I don’t care’ which translates to sloppy work because of fear that efforts would be in vain, and there’s the kind of ‘I don’t care’ that is about trusting in the process more than the recognition of others, more in bettering oneself than bettering how one appears.

When we say we don’t care about the outcome, it might mean following a process that we know surely leads to an outcome we don’t want and because we don’t care, it doesn’t matter. But it can also be because we don’t care about the outcome, that we are not too caught up in it such that we end up undermining ourselves in the process of getting there.

Yet it’s not that hard to tell it apart. It’s more of our brains pulling a trick on us and making us pretend to be confused in order to escape the mental responsibility, to wriggle out of actually putting in the effort, facing our fears and biting the bullet. Think about which ‘not caring’ are you devoting yourself to.

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