Ode to Sleep

When you’re working out in the gym, you’re not strengthening or growing your muscles, you’re breaking things in them. When you’re reading a book or learning in a classroom, you’re conceptualising connections, not yet formalising these connections.

It is when you sleep that your muscles are repairing, building up; and when you’re asleep that your mind is consolidating the things you’ve learnt. Work gets done when you are resting and rested. Sleep is not for the weak or losers, it is for the wise.

Singaporeans are not getting enough sleep whether voluntarily or involuntarily. Even when we don’t have that negative a perception of sleep, we find it really difficult to combat all the other competitors of sleep especially the screens that we keep staring into. It’s time to allow sleep to reclaim a bit more of our lives. It is not wasted on sleep, but it’s wasted for lack of sleep.