Applying policies or wisdom

I wonder, as a leader of an organisation, are we supposed to apply policies when it comes to various decisions which comes to play, or whether we should be applying wisdom. I think policies are often in place to help reduce the need to apply wisdom but the end goal of policies and laws are really to help enable leaders to be wise.

The question then is, whether policies are now in place as an excuse for leaders not to exercise wisdom? And when you uphold policies in a way that is at the expense of people whom you should be caring about, what does it say about you? Who do you think policies should be serving? The organisation, or its people? Why are we always creating this false dichotomy and pitting the organisation against its people?

Caring for people, is part of being an organisation that is worthy of its existence. After all, you definitely should not be retaining people who are leeching from an organisation but with the right set of people, caring for them and letting them take care of the business is a winning formula.