Resignations & Exits

NUS Business School professor predicts a resignation tsunami and while I’m not sure if the society is prime for such an act of “rebellion” against traditional employment, I’m very sure there’s a mental health crisis driving this.

The pressures of the sandwiched generation, the rising cost of education of kids, the broken promises of how a degree can translate into “good jobs” and the shattered illusions of what a “good job” really entails. All of these conspire to run down an entire generation of Singaporeans wearied by crisis after crisis (GFC, the aftermath, Covid, lockdowns).

To keep calm and carry on, to maintain a stiff upper lip, may amount to Boxer’s response to just about everything in Animal Farm. If this generation is just seeing drifting from job to job in search of the ideal job as the approach to solving their mental health and happiness challenge, that’ll be losing this opportunity for change.

The alternative is to rewrite the narrative we inherited from the boomers, to develop a vision for the future we want to create rather than passively receive what is prescribed. Or worst, to game the system and perpetuate the status quo.


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