Creating a future

In my day job as a consultant, we often are asked how the markets will move, whether governments are likely to regulate one thing or another, push for more renewables or not. We also do some long term forecasting of trends, and their impacts on the business operations of large companies. Truth is, we don’t know and we won’t. But we will use information and data available to make intelligent guesses in order to help clients make decision, and move forward.

So the point is really about the actions we take upon making the intelligent guesses and inferences about the world. And when met with resistance, or realising that there are errors, refining our approach and moving forward nevertheless.

“Prediction depends on events outside your control. Creation depends on events within your control.  Don’t guess about the future. Shape it.”

James Clear

I often remind my coaching clients about their agency in the future; and it must feature in the stories that we tell ourselves. Not so that we will be so caught up with an outcome we are gunning for, but so that we are conscious the choices we make are not only to be for our own individual lives, but for the world and culture we reside in.


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